5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Amused When They’re Home Alone


Dogs can get bored after a while if they’re home alone, so here are five ways to keep them entertained when you’re not there!

Hide Treats Around The House – Before you leave for the day, just hide 5-6 small treats throughout the house in spots that aren’t too easy or too hard to find. Throughout the day, the dog will notice the scent of the treats and will go find them! This tactic is from Andrea Horowitz’s book “Inside of a Dog”.

Invest in a Kong – Invest in some problem-solving dog games! A bunch of peanut butter or some other snack your dog enjoys can be hidden inside a contraption that your dog needs to work at to get the treat! This is sure to keep them busy.

Busy Bucket – Petful offers a good idea to keep your dog entertained: make a busy bucket. Just place your dog’s favorite treats, toys, and washcloths together in a sturdy bucket. Your dog will have to attempt to get everything out before it can get to the treat!

Window Access – Dogs love watching the world go by through windows. Just make sure they have a window they can access!

Tire Your Dog Out – Tiring out your dog in the early morning is the easiest way to take up hours, because they’ll be napping later!