This Adorable Dog Is Best Friends With a Friendly Feline!


This is a very odd pairing, something I never saw coming even after all the dog-cat and other weird pairings!

This dog is very friendly with this jaguar. You would think that a puppy playing rough with a scary feline like a jaguar would not end up well, but it is quite the opposite, in fact!

This Jack Russell dog and jaguar are actually best friends! They play, sleep, and eat together 24 hours a day. The Jack Russell, named Bullet, became close pals with the jaguar, named Jag, after he was moved to the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa.

Now, they are the best of the friends and cannot be separated! It’s rare for a regular household cat and a dog to be best friends, so it’s even more rare and odd for a more wild feline and dog to get along together, but these two certainly hit it off!

Jag the Jaguar had come to to them at a young age, and Layla, the facility owner, knew that Bullet would be a perfect companion for Jag. This video proves to us that with love, anyone can get along!

We all can learn something from these two: if we can accept others for who they are, we can embrace the differences and live harmoniously and in love! Comment your thoughts about this below and make sure to share it with your friends and family afterwards!