Arkansas Students Learn How To Build Dog Wheelchairs


Fifteen students at the Jonesboro Health, Wellness, and Environmental Studies Magnet School who are in sixth grade are learning how to make dog wheelchairs in their woodshop class.

The project started because of the teacher’s dog, named Lily, started having walking problems because of two slipped disks. The surgery would cost $4,500, so, the teacher, Georgia Summit, began looking into wheelchairs instead. That’s when the project was born.

The students received supplies, and they each set out to make wheelchairs for individual dogs out of a contraption made up of PVC pipes and straps. The money for the project came from a $500 grant from the Arkansas Community Foundation’s Science Initiative for Middle Schools Program, and two individual donations.

Funnily enough, Lila, who was the inspiration for this project, is no longer paralyzed and does not want to put on the wheelchair often anymore.

We think this is an amazing project for the students and dogs, and hopefully more classes will take on projects like these in the future!