Cat Kicks a Pug Out Of The Sofa After an Epic Battle!


Everyone can be friends if they put their differences aside – even if you’re not the same species – after all, there are many examples that we saw right here on Puppies Daily like horses and chickens, dogs and birds, and other strange pairings. However, all best friends squabble and argue sometimes, and that is clearly evident here!

No matter how kind they may be, all friendships can have fights through misunderstandings and it can end up in brawls just like this here!

Luigi the cat and Bandito the pug may be the best of friends on other days – they share a home and even sleep together on occasions. However, when it comes to the roof terrace sofa in Spain, Luigi is bent on keeping the spot for himself!

So, the fight is on for the sofa! The duo turn from furry best friends to two wild, savage beasts pouncing at each other trying to claim and keep their territory!

The pug is having a little bit of trouble keeping up with the agile cat, wheezing and sneezing…and before he can even react, Bandito falls out of the sofa, making Luigi the conqueror of the sofa territory!

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