Athletic Beagle Makes an Amazing Goalkeeper

Purin the Beagle shows off his soccer skills by being an amazing goalie in this clip! 😆⚽️

Beagle Fetches Remote For Owner

Charlie obviously is a smart dog and knows many tricks, but grabbing the TV remote is probably his owner's favorite! 😆

Dogs Learn To Smile On Command

This German Shepherd and Black Lab smile for the camera - they're sure to brighten up your day! 😆😊

Alaskan Malamute Howls Along With Ambulance

Liza, an Alaskan Malamute, shows off her howling skills when an ambulance rushes by with its sirens on! 😂

Dog Tries To Wake Up Owner By Taking Her Socks Off

This dog, Shadow, sure has a unique way of waking his owner up after she decided to take a nap on the couch -...

NJ Children’s Hospital Welcomes Full-Time Dog

Burton, a 20-year-old Golden Retriever, is the first full-time dog employee at the Children's Specialized Hospital, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Burton also happens...

Husky Helps Man Detect Cancer Early

Often times, a dog detecting cancer involves the dog nosing the area on a person that elicits a sharp pain that they get checked...

Special Forces Dog Wounded By Grenade Blasts Honored

This Special Forces dog received a medal for his chivalry in battle after he saved countless lives detecting bombs in Afghanistan. The pooch, a Belgian...

Dog Jumps Right On Top Of Sibling In Slow Motion

In this epic slow motion video, this Golden Retriever leaps off the ledge and lands right on top of his sibling in the pool!...

Baby Squirrel Adorably Nibbles On Woman’s Ear

This baby squirrel who had to be rescued due to Hurricane Irma bonded so closely with her human so much that she became her...