Chris Evans And His Dog Show Us The Definition of True Love


We all need someone that misses Chris Evans as much as his dog did! The actor sent everyone into a frenzy when he posted a video of his dog, named Dodger, and him reuniting after a few months.

For nearly three months, the two were separated by thousands of miles as Evans was on set filming his latest movie and working on various other projects. And they clearly both missed each other very much! Their reunion is too sweet for words! Check out the video posted by Evans the moment they reunited at last:

Any pet owner knows how hard it is to separated for extended periods of time, and it’s no different for these two! Just as in humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety and depression, especially after long periods of time without seeing their owners. Dogs see their owners similarly to the way in which a human child sees his parents. The only difference is that your dog will never ask you for money when they grow up!

Chris Evans is one of our favorite celebrity dog lovers. It’s obvious from the pictures and videos he posts that he shares a beautiful bond with this fur baby. Check out some of the pics he posted to twitter below. We love you Chris Evans! Keep up the dog loving and good luck in your next movie! I’ll be first in line to get a ticket.