Cop Takes Off Coat To Keep Puppies Freezing In Dumpster Warm


Officer Scott Charleswood who works for the Indianapolis police department, was working on a Saturday night when he heard crying noises coming from a dumpster. When he took a look inside, he discovered a litter of seven puppies had been thrown out with the trash.

He proceeded to climb into the dumpster and pull them out. Later, he took off his jacket and wrapped the puppies in it to keep them warm. He worked with the Every Dog Counts Rescue to then drop the puppies off at a foster home, where they are being looked after for now.

Thank you for Officer Scott Charleswood’s actions that contributed greatly to the rescue of these seven puppies! Without him, they most likely would have frozen or starved to death, and now, thanks to him, they have a chance of finding a forever home!