Cops Snuck Into Her Backyard And Her Dog Bit Them…Now She’s Pleading Them Not To Euthanize The Dog


When police entered the backyard of Kristine Vanderberg’s home in Bay City, Michigan uninvited, her pit bull bit the police officer. Sarge, the pitbull, was only doing his job of defending the home, but now Vanderberg has to fight to keep her dog from being euthanized.

Vanderberg was inside the house taking a nap when police arrived. After Sarge attacked the police officer, the other officers shot him with a stun gun, and has been held captive by the Bay County Animal Control ever since.

Vanderberg has the support of her community, and some have started Facebook pages, petitions, and fundraisers to support her pup who was only doing his job! Share what you think in the comments below!