Is Your Dog “Silently” Suffering From This Disease?


Recent research and studies show that 85% of dogs over three years old are suffering from a “silent” disease that is not only painful but also very deadly to your dog. The disease is named “Periodontal disease”.

Periodontal disease is thought of as a minor thing by most dog owners and parents, but it is much more severe and dangerous than a simple cosmetic issue. The disease can cause inflammation, tooth loss, extreme pain for the dog, and the bacteria can also affect the lungs, kidneys, and the heart, making your dog suffer in silence.

The solution is dead simple, but crucial: you must brush your dog’s teeth everyday. Due to everyday busywork and the fact that many dogs do not like this, many tend to ignore it, but this could lead to your dog not suffering in silence. Check your dog’s teeth, brush it, and if you’re worried that your dog could be suffering from this mainstream disease, take your dog to your veterinarian. Check out the video below on how to properly brush your dog’s teeth!