Dog Who Spent 2 Years In a Kennel Alone Finally Reunites With Mom


There was a moment where MacKenzie Witbracht, the mom, wasn’t sure that her dog would quite remember her after two years, or be mad at her.

The dog had been taken away by Animal Control for 22 months, which is almost 2 years, and Malice grew up alone in a kennel at a shelter.

Animal control responded to a complaint about a “dangerous” dog at her home, but Witbracht, who suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome, doesn’t remember filing any complaints.

Malice was taken into the custody of the animal Rescue League of Iowa last May, and was kept there for 22 months. She was only able to be reunited after a judge ruled that the city didn’t have enough evidence to keep a dog.

During the time where fierce court battles were held, Witbracht wasn’t even allowed to see a pictures of her dog.

When the reunion time finally came, it was obvious Malice was now a senior dog, however, she remembered her mom and they had the sweetest reunion ever! Watch a video about Malice’s return below!