Dog Stolen During a Car Theft


A married couple in Ocoee, Florida, are begging for the return of their beloved Shih Tzu after the dog was stolen alongside their Nissan Murano car.

Segundo Palomino was getting ready to go to work around 8:30 AM with the dog inside the car, but realized he forgot something inside, so he parked the car near the home ad went inside.

However, when he was coming back out, he saw a man go into the SUV and speed off with the dog, Bebe, still trapped inside.

Now, Palomino and his wife are devastated that their dog is gone and are pleading for the dog to be returned, saying they do not care about the car.

Bebe is a 6-year-old, 22-pound Shih Tzu with white fur and a dark-colored left ear. She had on a collar with a red tag when the car was stolen. If you see a white 2016 Nissan Murano or Bebe, with the license plate number 9964GT from Florida, please call the authorities at 407-905-3160, extension number 3021.

Hopefully Bebe can be reunited with her family really soon! Watch a video about this below.