This Dog Took a Bullet For This Officer…Their Reunion Is Amazing!


It’s well known that dogs are humankind’s best friend. Many stories from people prove that dogs will do anything for their companions, and this was especially true for this pair.

Officer RJ Young and Bruno were serving together as police, and one day they were chasing after a man when the man opened fire on the dog. The dog was shot in the head and it ripped all the way to the dog’s chest.

The dog, named Bruno, threw himself at the man to protect the other officers, risking his life. The police got him to the animal hospital and he was immediately put in surgery.

After two surgeries and a healing process with a breathing tube, Bruno and Young were finally reunited! Bruno has now retired and has been adopted by Young and his family.

I am so glad that Bruno was able to make a full recovery, his heroism was incredible! He will finally get all the rest and love he deserves!