This Dog Went Blind, So Her 3 Sisters Became Her Eyes


When Margaux, a Standard Poodle, was an 8-year-old, she developed a mysterious auto-immune condition that took away her vision and hearing.

Scott and Laura Jordan, her human parents and owners, considered euthanasia for Margaux until they noticed something brilliant and amazing – Margaux’s three sisters, who are also poodles, became her guides.

This all happened with an infection on her paw. It was mistook for a snake bite, but later was identified as diffuse pyogranulomatous inflammation. The disease ravaged many parts of Margaux’s body before it took away her vision.

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While Margaux’s eyes were removed, the veterinarian also informed the Jordans that she had gone deaf. However, instead of being euthanized, her sisters, named Susie, Rhonda, and Chloe, stepped up to be her seeing eyes, guiding her everywhere she goes. The amazing thing is, they were never trained for that kind of work, but simply noted the changes and accommodated her. This amazing act shows the intelligence, bravery, and loyalty of dogs to us!