Good Samaritan Pays Huge Vet Bill For Disabled Veteran


Cheryl Buck, a disabled veteran, had only been in New Mexico for a few days when a terrible accident happened to her service dog.

Buck and her service dog, named Sgt. Mable, just moved to New Mexico. Sgt. Mable was scared by a neighbor’s dog, and darted onto the road and was struck by a car.

Police officers helped rush Sgt. Mable to the Veterinary Care Animal Hospital, where Buck met the Good Samaritan, Amy Matteucci.

The total vet bill climbed as several surgeries and procedures were required. Buck used all her savings to make the move to New Mexico, and Matteucci stepped in without hesitation to pay the bill. Buck is adamant to pay her back, so they set up up a GoFundMe page! Please consider donating! Also, watch a video about this below!