Guggenheim Accused of Supporting Animal Cruelty in New Exhibition


Protesters are calling for the removal of several art installments in the upcoming Guggenheim Museum exhibition called Art and China after 1989: Theater of the WorldMany people think that the artists’ treatment of animals is considered abuse, not art.

This has sparked outrage among animal activists nationwide. It has led many to call on the Guggenheim Museum to prevent these pieces of “art” from being installed in the upcoming exhibit. It has also initiated a viral campaign called “Torture Is Not Art.”

The objections were articulated best in this petition, which has accumulated 491,000 signatures at the time of writing this. While several works have drawn criticism, one piece in particular has become the center of the above petition. It shows four pit bulls tethered to wooden treadmills, walking in place at each other with the treadmill spinning beneath them.

The original exhibit of these pit bulls was shown in China in 2003, but close up photos and a video recording of the incident is planned to be on display at the Guggenheim exhibit.

Pictures and video will also be shown from from another exhibit, originally shown in Beijing in 1994, where two pigs were stamped with meaningless characters and put on display while mating.

The Guggenheim Museum is an art gallery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. The museum has yet to release a response to the planned animal torture exhibit.

For those who feel strongly, please go and sign the petition to prevent the museum from displaying these heinous photos and videos.