Heartwarming Reunion of a Golden Retriever and his Military Mom


Oshie is a golden retriever, and her mom serves in the United States Marines, and was stationed in Norway for months. At the beginning of the video, Oshie looks a little sad, confused even, as the man in the background says “Is your momma home? Is your momma home?”

He then heads towards the door curiously and immediately jumps up as soon as he sees his mom. He rolls around as she greets him with loving words and pats. Oshie can’t sit still from excitement! He spins around her, and rolls around on the ground. The man in the background says “He’s crying” as the heartwarming reunion excites both Oshie and his mom.

This video shows that while the world can sometimes be harsh, moments like this can bring happiness and joy to our lives. Check out the video for yourself below!