Heroic Pit Bull Saved This Dying Dog


When No Kill Kern, a Bakersfield-based animal rescue organization, received a phone call with a tip about a German Shepherd that was living all alone on a field, they just knew they had to go and rescue the poor dog.

The organization headed out to the field where the German Shepherd was, and their trusty pit bull, Lucy, came along with them. Lucy is the official mascot of No Kill Kern, and a very vital part of the rescue team at the organization.

When the team got to the field, Lucy was the first one who spotted the German Shepherd. After she spotted the dog, she led the other rescuers to the dog. However, when the. people came near, the German Shepherd ran away from fear.

No Kill Kern placed a cage with food inside, hoping the dog would take the bait. When they returned after a while, they found the German Shepherd inside the cage. They took the cage back to the shelter and renamed the dog Queen.

Lucy has played a very important role in helping Queen adjust to her new environments. Lucy has a super sweet personality that wins over a lot of dogs, even those who are nervous or aggressive.

Queen was later transferred to Marley’s Mutt Dog Rescue to participate in the Pawsitive Change program after she got comfortable around humans. She was renamed again to Reina and was adopted into a loving home!

I’m so glad that Reina was finally able to find a home where she will always have a nice place to sleep and plenty of love and of course, food! Lucy played such an important role in this – heroes truly come in all shapes and sizes!