Iraq War Veteran Saves Dog That Fell Through Ice


When Justin Neumeier’s dog, Charles, fell through the ice on Lake Mason, his instincts from being a U.S. Marine kicked in and he rescued his dog.

Neumeier served with the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine, and saw some of the toughest combat in the battle for Ramadi a decade ago in 2004.

The ice was only a half-inch thick, and was cracking as he made he way towards Charles. The dog was clearly exhausted from staying in the water, and that made it difficult for Neumeier to get the lab out of the water, so he had to carry the 90 pound dog back to shore.

The vet that examined the dog shortly after believes that the dog would not have survived much longer in the water. Thank you to Justin Neumeier’s bravery in the war and in saving his dog! Watch a video about this below.