Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charges After BEATING a Puppy!


James Tomlinson, from Cushing, Oklahoma, is being charged with animal cruelty for beating his 12-week-old puppy.

According to his grandmother, he hit the puppy because the puppy used the bathroom inside the house. Later, he proceeded to throw the puppy in the yard, by slinging the puppy. In the end, the puppy was hurt so brutally that he could barely walk. His grandmother told James to leave, but he later came back and demanded the puppy given be back to him.

Police arrived soon after a fight broke out between her and another family member. The puppy, named Hamlet, is now recovering, but it took him close to four days for him to recover his right rear leg. Finally, James is receiving the justice he deserves for needlessly and brutally hurting an innocent puppy!