Miserable Dog in Pain for Months Found to Have Huge Bladder Stones


Caramel, the golden mix, was one of the most miserable-looking dogs that the veterinarian ever met when she came in for her checkup.
The miserable dog seemed to be in a lot of pain for many months, but it wasn’t until the people at the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue gave her a chance that all animals deserve.

Caramel was in a tremendous amount of pain that she seemed to hate her life, but the X-ray results truly shocked the doctors. They saw two huge bladder stones, some of the biggest they have ever seen. And seeing one of the stones in the hands of the veterinarians truly shows the massive size of the stones.

Bladder stones like that do not happen overnight, so it’s worrying why Caramel’s previous owners didn’t go to the vet to get them checked out. However, we’re all just thankful that this beautiful dog has a new home, and that she’s healthy and can live the life that she deserves!

The amazing group of people at the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue do whatever they need to do to save as many dogs as they can, and relocate them to better and permanent homes, where they will be treated with love and respect. When Caramel came into their offices, it was clear that she needed their help, and fast.

The veterinarians noticed how miserable the dog looked – almost as if she wanted to die because of the pain.

And when the team of rescuers looked at the x-ray results, it was obvious the problem had to do with the big bladder stones. Caramel had to go into emergency surgery.

Usually, bladder stones are small, but they were all amazed at the size of the bladder stone after the surgery. It was over 4 inches long!

Although it is heartbreaking to know that she went through that much pain, Caramel now has found a new permanent home, thanks to the great rescue team, where she will live happily.