This Neuroscientist Proved That Your Dog Really Does Love You


Dog owners have always known dogs are incredibly loyal and loving creatures, and their allegiance and devotion towards their owners was driven by love. Now, that has been proved by science!

A neuroscientist from Emory University used a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine to scan dog brains to find out what they were thinking – and it turns out that those kisses from your puppy are fueled by true love!

Gregory Berns oversaw the experiment after his own dog passed away. 90 dogs were used for the experiment, first acclimated to the MRI sounds over a couple of months. The experimental testing determined that canine prefrontal lobe activity was similar to humans, meaning that they use the same parts of the brain to solve problems that humans use.

With that established, the scientists gave hot dogs and praise to the dogs at different times, then they compared the neurological responses afterwards.

When the scientists looked at the reward center for their brains, they found out that a lot of the dogs reacted to the food and the praise equally. The interesting thing was, however, that twenty percent of the dogs had a stronger response to praise than food.

From this, it can be determined that at the very least, dogs love us as much as food, which has to be a lot! We also now know that dogs are wired to remember faces. What do you think about this scientific research proving that our dogs really do love us? Comment below and let us know!