Ollie, The Dog Stuffed In Suitcase, Passes Away From Injuries


Ollie the dog has passed away. This poor pit bull was found stuffed into a suit case, beaten and stabbed by a cruel person more than 50 times.

We had previously shared Ollie’s story on Puppies Daily, which you can read here.

Unfortunately, according to the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, where Ollie was undergoing operations from veterinarians, Ollie’s health started to deteriorate.

Although the doctors began to address his systems with even more intensive care, his body soon gave up and could not handle it.

The PETA had previously posted a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in this awful animal cruelty case, and more than $40,000 had been raised to cover Ollie’s veterinarian bills by 1,300 people.

What happened to Ollie was a heartless crime, and although he is no longer walking this earth, hopefully whoever committed these awful acts will be caught and brought to justice immediately!