Owner Cited After 4 Dogs Attack And Kill Another


This owner of four pit bulls was cited after his four dogs attacked and killed another dog in Fountain County.

It all began before 10 AM on Friday, when Veedersburg Deputy Town Marshal Rich Livengood responded to a call in the area of Sterling Avenue, where four pit bulls were attacking and killing a dog in a backyard.

Livengood arrived at the scene and shot and killed two dogs at the scene, and the other two were taken to the West Central Veterinary Services to be put down, and the owner, named Kyianna Causley, was cited for harboring non immunized dogs and letting dogs run at large.

Although pit bulls are peaceful creatures, like all dogs, if they are raised the wrong way, they can become violent. All dogs should be raised with love and learn to love others, and we’re glad the owner is being held responsible!