Pit Bull Escaped The Same House Over And Over Before Someone Realized Something Was Amiss


When Via, a small pit bull, was discovered, she was obviously suffering from many injuries, so rescuers knew they had to do something to help her. Read the story by scrolling below!

When animal rescuers discovered Via, an undersized pit bull, she was extremely thin and was suffering from a gaping wound on her head. “When I got out of the car she slowly crawled to me and ducked her head as if she was somewhat fearful,” Via’s rescuer, Lea Frissen said. “I looped a leash around her neck and lifted her into the back of the car.”

Lea was already fostering another rescue dog at the time she found Via, so she had to bring her to a local animal shelter where they would see if she was microchipped. They learned she was not.

Lea began spreading the world of Via’s rescue on social media, to see if her rightful owner would come forward. As it turned out, Via had been rescued just weeks earlier and returned to her owner. The person who dropped her off had warned the shelter that the home had a yard filled with angry dogs in the back of the house, as if they were being bred to fight.

No one claimed Via after several days, and so when she became available for adoption Lea stepped in and adopted her. Now Via is staying with her and loving her new life.

Via’s wounds have begun to heal and she even has a few new siblings who are kind to her. There’s Bear, a rescued Labrador, Pika the pug, Itsy the Chihuahua, and Luna, a German shepherd mix.

Via and her new siblings are living happily together and learning to fully enjoy one another’s company!