Puppy Saved After Consuming Drugs In Vancouver Island Park


Two doses of naloxone saved a six-month-old puppy who overdosed after consuming drugs in Vancouver Island Park.

Chico was brought to the McKenzie Veterinary Hospital on a Friday evening after her owners noticed her acting strange. They were aware she consumed something while at the park, but they just didn’t know what she ate.

Helen Rae, who treated Chico, made her vomit and fed her activated charcoal, but her condition kept deteriorating so she was administered two low doses of naloxone, which is a substance used to reverse the effects of opioid drugs.

Many pets are brought to veterinarians after accidentally consuming marijuana, but this is only the second opioid case Helen has seen in her entire career. While they don’t know exactly what drug Chico consumed, it is thought to be in the same family of drugs as fentanyl. We’re just glad the dog is alive and well!