Service Dog Sacrifices Itself To Save Human From Alligator


This story is about a dog named Precious, who recently sacrificed herself to save her owner’s life from an alligator attack in a Florida marina. Precious was a service dog that was able to sense when this man may be having a seizure so he could call for help before it occurred since he lived alone. One night, the man was walking to the bathroom in the marina where he lives. Precious, who normally doesn’t follow, had an instinct to come with this time. The owner claims the marina was dark, which allowed an alligator to sneak unnoticed onto the docks near where he was walking. Before he knew it, he heard the whimper of Precious as she got between the man and the alligator to save his life from the attack.

The owner is incredibly grateful for Precious’s sacrifice. They shared a close bond and he’s now afraid to live alone without her. He also fears for his safety on the docks. He claims this whole catastrophe could have been avoided if the docks installed proper lightening to prevent alligators from sneaking onto the docks. We are all mourning Precious and we thank our dogs every day for the sacrifices and love they give us unconditionally. Watch the full story below: