Shelter Accidentally Kills a Family Dog


A pet owner is sharing her story to warn other dog owners so cases like these don’t ever happen again: animal control officers mistakenly euthanized a dog that was scheduled for pick-up after two dogs escaped the yard.

The shelter said it was an accident, and the employees have been disciplined and other employees will be re-trained. Cathy Foster, the owner, says that her two dogs kept escaping the fenced yard even though they kept repairing the fence.

Animal control officers collected the two dogs. Although Foster had to pay a fee to pick up the dogs, she didn’t mind it and arranged to pick up the dogs a couple of days later.

However, when she arrived at her arranged time, she realized she was a couple of hours too late as one of her dogs had been mixed up and euthanized by an officer. Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again! Watch a video about this below.