Video Of “Chubby” Tigers Chasing A Drone Isn’t What You Think


The viral video called “chubby siberian tigers hunt electronic bird of prey” was actually filmed at Harbin Siberian Tiger Park in China.

Sadly, this horrible place pretends to be a tourist friendly tiger park, when in fact it’s actually a tiger farm that breeds and slaughters tigers for their parts. China outlawed tiger hunting and trade in 1993, but like elephants are hunted and killed for their ivory tusks, tigers being killed and treated horribly is still widely spread.

The number of tigers in this video is believed to be greater than the total number of wild tigers that still exist in all of China. Experts estimate that there are only 7 wild tigers in China today, compared to the nearly 6,000 tigers in captivity.

I just hope and pray that everyone who watches this video knows the truth about tigers in China. What often looks like a funny or entertaining video of wild animals is often more than meets the eye. Please share this story to help spread awareness of this devastating problem. You can watch the original video below.

Sources: Motherboard