Small Iowa Town Takes a Stand Against Puppy Mills


Iowa has a big puppy mill problem, with over 250 puppy mills in the state alone. These mass-breeding operations have 16,500 adult breeding dogs, and ship about 100,000 puppies a year.

However, this small Iowa town is taking a stand against puppy mills. An organization called Bailing Out Benji educates people about puppy mills and hold weekly protests that buy puppies from puppy mills.

Their work doesn’t stop there – although the town of Fraser, Iowa, is small, with only 100 residents, they unanimously passed a pet store ban, which will weaken puppy mills.

Although a very small town, they’re still taking a stand on puppy mills, which is an example the rest of the country should follow! Puppy mills treat their breeding puppies very cruelly and give them barely enough to survive. Puppies do not deserve to be treated like that, and this group of people know it!