This Stubborn Dog Absolutely Refuses To Take a Bath


Owning a dog can be a big responsibility for most people: especially people who get dogs as puppies! You haver to teach them from a very young age very basic domestic manners to keep them healthy and all of us happy!

But, the emphasis of course, is on the baby part. They act every bit of a baby, maybe even more than babies can! This is truly the case for Pork Chop, who is a German Shepherd mix.

It is clear that his owners love him, because he’s super spoiled! But, when he came back from his outdoor adventure in the backyard, his owners noticed that he was smelling a bit funny.

So, they drew up a bath, poured some shampoo, and grabbed the sponges. The hard part, however, would be getting the dog to go into the bath.

Right off the bat, we can see that Pork Chop does NOT like bath time, like a lot of dogs! Maybe he thinks baths are a waste of time, or maybe he likes the way he smells.

There is NO WAY in doggy hell that Pork Chop was getting in that tub! Pork Chop is one very stubborn dog!

Have you ever dealt with a stubborn dog or a dog who refused to get into a bath before? Share your experiences in the comments below after watching Pork Chop! Also, make sure to share this video with your friends and family to brighten up their day! 😆😂