Three Foxes Refuse To Abandon The Man That Saved Them


Many people don’t usually rescue foxes and bring them into their home, like one might with a dog or a cat. However, Patsy Gibbons, from Kilkenny in Ireland, isn’t your average person.

This man rescued three foxes, and are now living with him inside his home, named Gráinne, Minnie, and Henry.

Patsy first adopted Gráinne seven years ago, and later adopted the other two. He never set out to have the foes as pets, and tried to release them after making sure they were healthy, but the animals stuck to him, and refused to leave. He is now a minor celebrity in his hometown! People like Patsy are the true heroes of animals, rescuing animals that no one would even give a second look at. Thank you to Patsy Gibbons!