Uber Driver Denied Ride Over a Service Dog


Boston Police are investigating a case where a blind woman said an Uber driver denied her a ride because of her service dog – and even worse, the legally blind boyfriend was also allegedly dragged down the street.

Richard Welch said that he was trying to unlock the back door of the Uber for his girlfriend, Milissa Garside. However, when the driver saw the service dog, he said he was not going to let them in.

According to the Americans With Disabilities Act and Uber’s own company policies, drivers cannot deny rides because of service animals. However, the driver rolled the window, caught the boyfriend’s hand in the door, and pulled away.

Welch was pulled for about 15 feet and was later taken to a hospital for treatment. Uber has now removed the driver from their app, and have commented saying they are reaching out to the riders.

Uber drivers receive quarterly reminders about their obligation to accommodate service dogs, but obviously this one did not obey the law or company policy. Watch a video about this below!