Unconscious Dog Was Saved Due To a New Firefighter Procedure


Firefighters are one of the many heroes in our everyday lives. They put their lives on the line to save anyone from harm, including our dogs. Since they put so much hard work, effort, and even their lives on their line for us, I’m all for anything that helps out with their job!

Thanks to these specially-designed pet oxygen masks, firefighters have a much easier time and a greater chance of saving a pet’s life after rescuing one from a smoke-filled building. The difference between struggling to fit a human oxygen mask and placing this specially-designed one is greater than you might think.

In this specific video, the firefighters were part fo the West Midlands Fire Service. They are the second largest fire department in the United Kingdom outside of London.

Now, the fire engines all carry these specially-designed oxygen masks to help revive pets after they are pulled from a smoke-filled building. The masks come in three usable sizes to fit different types of animals, and were donated by the public and the Smokey Paws charity.

The dog in the video below was overcome by smoke from a fire, but the process of reviving him was a lot easier due to these animal oxygen masks. I hope the idea spreads to all fire departments all across the world, not just the United Kingdom! Having these specialty masks would greatly increase the chances of beloved pets surviving from a fire, not to mention the firefighters would have a much easier time.

Watch the video below and comment what your thoughts!