At The Verge Of Death, This Mother Saved Her Puppy’s Life. Amazing!


AJ (short for Apple Jacks) and Tuttle, were in bad shape when they were pulled from the shelter. AJ was scared to the point that she wouldn’t even leave her crate. Tuttle was the last living puppy of a much bigger litter. AJ and Tuttle were stray when they were picked up by animal control, and it’s unknown what happened to the rest of the litter.

In spite of AJ poor health, she still managed to be an amazing mother, feeding and keeping up Tuttle’s health through it all. AJ had a bad skin infection which made her lose her hair and she had scabs everywhere on her body which continued bleeding. They both had intestinal parasites, which they got treated for immediately. Tuttle had a little skin disease too from rubbing against his mother constantly.

After two weeks, AJ began to grow some hair and Tuttle got his vaccines. Also, Tuttle was completely weaned from her mother and doing fabulously. Both are doing well and AJ has every last bit of her hair back! We hope they find an amazing home together! Watch the full story from VetRanch below.

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