Watch This Adorable Husky Puppy Attempt To Howl!


Is anyone here a Star Wars fan? If you are, you are bound to enjoy this puppy video! Lightsabers, Death Stars, and the Skywalkers aside, any fan of the franchise will want to snatch up this adorable Husky puppy after hearing how he “speaks”!

This tiny and cute colored Husky puppy is the only one in the litter not interested in an afternoon nap. After all, why would a tiny puppy want to sleep? He has so much to explore and do, like learn to walk around or do a spot-on character impression from Star Wars! He certainly nailed the second part down!

When this adorable Husky puppy tries to let out a howl, instead of a big wolf-y howl that he probably expected, he let out a sound that sounds a lot like a Wookie from Star Wars instead!

Instead of sounding like a big, scary, wolf, he ended up sounding like a tiny adorable Chewbacca! He’s so good maybe he will even get a part in an upcoming Star Wars movie! 😉

It is only fitting that this puppy should be named Chewbacca! I certainly hope the owner will!

Have you ever heard anything like this puppy in this video? I think this is one of the funniest but also cutest things I have seen all day! Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to share this video with your friends, family, and anyone who is a fan of Star Wars to brighten up their day! 😆