Watch Your Heart Melt When This Tiny Kitten Poses For The Camera!


We keep our pets so close to us emotionally and physically, it is sometimes hard to remember that they are in fact not humans. Sometimes we try to humanize them as much as possible – they receive human names, their own tiny houses, and even cute outfits that humans would usually wear!

For dogs, it’s fairly simple – they may wear whatever clothes you put on them for a little bit, but in the end, they will get muddy and dirty, reminding us that they are in fact dogs!

However, for cats like this adorable one in the video below, they are on a whole new level. They mostly stay inside anyway, so it is hard to sometimes remember that the little kitten you are snuggling up with on the couch after a long day of work actually is not your baby and is an animal that could pee on your carpet someday!

People nevertheless love dressing up cats in tiny, cute outfits. There is one specific outfit that stays through it all: an adorably elegant bow tie!

Bow ties make cats look regal and classy, and everyone thinks it’s absolutely adorable. Check out this tiny kitten pose for the camera with this adorable bow tie!

This video is sure to make your heart melt! After watching, make sure to share this video of the adorable kitten rocking a bow tie with your friends and family! ❤️