Watch This Pooch Freeze When She Spots Her Mortal Nemesis…


This restrained retriever just FROZE on the spot when she spotted her mortal nemesis – a cat! True to her breed, Ellie, who is an Irish setter and golden retriever cross, stood dead still when she spotted the feline at her home in Salen, Oregon, USA.

As all Irish Setter pooches do, the three-year-old dog stood frozen with her front paw raised from the ground, and never stopped staring at her absolute sworn enemy and nemesis! The only thing that gives away that Ellie is actually a living, breathing, animal is her paw movement when her owner, Dustin Dalen, tugs at her leash!

Not even the strictest instruction from her owner will make her break away from staring at her enemy. After many instructions like “Okay, come on Ellie” and “Ellie, lay”, and tugging at the leash, Ellie still refuses to move. Most amazingly, Ellie does not even twitch or move her eyes slightly from the cat!

It is sort of rare of Ellie to show her Irish Setter side of her genes, but sometimes Ellie will point at animals and freeze on the spot. Apparently, Ellie was at the spot for a full three minutes before she was finally able to move!

This is truly an amusing video to watch! Have you ever seen an Irish Setter in action below? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to share this video with your friends and family! Nothing is better than a good dog video to start or end your day! 😂