This Woman Approaches a Homeless Man…And He Reveals He’s Dying And Asks For a Favor


When Jenine-Lacette DShazer saw Clifford James Herbert and his dog Baby looking sad in the cold weather, she decided to approach them.

Clifford used to work on a farm and had his own mechanic shop, but became homeless after losing his job in 2006, about 10 years ago. Operations on his heart and throat made him incapable of having a job, and now he had cancer and had mere weeks before he was due to pass away. Baby, his dog, was rescued from a cruel owner who beat her with a flashlight. They slept together on the streets, keeping each other company and warm.

When Jenine approached him, he asked his dying wish: which was to find Baby to find a new, loving home. Jenine knew she had to help him, so she decided to do whatever she had to, and found Baby a new, loving home, and for now, Cliff is residing at a motel. Watch the video below!